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  The Work Shed


Most of the furniture items marked '(SOLD)' can be built again depending on the availability of used wood stacked in the barn.
Planters Desk #2 
A beautiful piece with crackled white and green paint on 1" walnut interior door frames from house built in 1906.  Legs are 2" X 4" cottonwood studs from same home.  Doors are from Odd Fellow Hall in Council Grove, KS (circa 1895) with original hinges and old wavy (bubbled) glass.  Measurements are 65" high X 52" wide X 29" deep.
Price: $450.00

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Planters Desk #3 
 Plantation Desk constructed of 3/4" fir from sheathing of old house built in 1926 in Olpe, KS.  Doors are from Odd Fellows Hall in Council Grove, KS  circa 1895, still with old wavy (bubble) glass and original hinges & screws.  Has twelve removable shelves, four behind each door.
Price: $550.00

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Harvest Table with Benches
Two inch thick cotton wood planks were used to create this table which measures 10' long X 42" high X 31" high. 4-1/2" pine legs attached at 4 degrees off vertical with steel braces fabricated per customer wishes. Legs and braces can be removed for ease of moving. 
$2500 (price included delivery and assembly to Dallas, TX area. Sold.
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Pedestal Plank Table
Made with planks from old barn with ranch cattle brand on each corner.    Planks measure 2" thick X 10" wide.  Table measures 42" wide X 96" long X 31" high.
Price: $
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Topeka Tea Cart
Made with 1" pine boards from old saw mill, some with old buzz saw marks,  stained dark.  Wheels from old John Deere planter.   Item has glass rack and bottle cradles.  Measures 60" long X 26" deep X 35-1/2"  high.  
Price $500.00     
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Planters Desk 
Constructed of wood from a barn door with original old white paint.  Glass in doors from medicine cabinet/doctors office etched by hand using 'glue chip"  method.   Upper section contains eight (8) adjustable removable shelves, two drawers in lower piece, plus lift-up surface reveal additional storage area.   Front of lower section is 31" high.  Total height is 82" X 27" deep X 48" wide.  
Price $625.00
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DISPLAY CASE Display case built to house John Deere tractor collection.  Was designed around two sliding oak framed antique glass doors from science building at Tabor College, Hillsboro, Kansas.  Case has eight adjustable/removable  shelves.  Measures 26" deep X 5' high X 6' wide.  Case never used as owner mis-measured doors to his collection room and cabinet would not fit. Price $650 [learn more]
WINE TASTER BENCH measuring 69" wide X 35" high X 24" deep. Constructed of old 1" rough cut (buzz saw cut) pine with walnut posts for base/frame. Walnut comes from building built in 1896, still has sq nails and sq nail holes evident. Below top are six (6) racks for wine glass with cradles for 8 wide bottles below lower shelf.
Price $625
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Potting Bench
Measures six feet high, five feet wide and 24" front to back. Is constructed of 1" rough cut (buzz saw cut) pine. Top and bottom are two separate sections. Stained but unfinished (no varnish). Water proof exterior glue used in all joints prior to nailing.
 Price $525
(SOLD) Description [learn more]
Custom Cabinet
Measuring 7' tall, 4' wide and 2' deep, double doors. Upper and lower shelves as requested by buyer. Directly under upper shelf is row of large sq nails on both sides and back used as clothes hooks. Number of shelves can be adjusted to purchasers preference. Cabinet to be used in large barn as storage for various dressage items.

Price $825 (SOLD) Description [learn more]


Wine Console/Sideboard
Measures 60" (5') wide X 36" tall. Top surface is 20" front to back, plus 5" for the depressed bottle well at rear.
Price $450.00
(SOLD) but can be duplicated depending on wood in stock.
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Taster's table
Constructed of 1" yellow pine cut with old circular saw with saw marks still evident, medium dark stain. Measures 34" high X 42" wide X 21" front to back. Dimensions can be adjusted to fit your needs.
Price: $300.00
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Book Case
Measures 27" wide X 55" high X 17" deep. Constructed of old pine sheeting from house built in late teens. Has multi-pane glass door from old school science classroom. Two fully adjustable shelves inside. Quality control inspector-cat not included.
Price: $275
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Kitchen Island (SOLD)
1" cedar plank top with fold down side boards, two pine shelves, oak legs.  Measures 42" wide with sides up & locked, 30" wide with sides down.  Overall is 36" high X 5.5' long.  
Price $450
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Sideboard with three drawers and two doors 
Two shelves behind each door.  Constructed of old tongue & groove flooring from high school gym built in early 1900's  Still has some original gray paint evident.  Measures  6' long X 36" high X 28" deep. 

Price $450 
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Parade Ready Wagon. 
This wagon comes from a farm south of Abilene, Kansas.   It was an old box wagon used for hauling grain to town.  It was “updated” in the 30’s (according to children of owner) and now sits on an old automobile frame.
Price  $1700
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Measures 5' wide X 32" deep X 50" high.
Price: $650
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Oak Three Plank Table  (SOLD)
Table measures 8' long X 41" wide X 30" high.
Price: $625
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