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Work Shed, Chicken Coop Creations, rustic furniture by Bruce Fair
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FAQs, Chicken Coop Creations, rustic furniture by Bruce Fair
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Please contact us by email at "Bruce Fair" in Emporia, Kansas 66801

All the wood I use in the construction of these pieces has been rescued from buildings (barns, sheds, houses, commercial buildings and schools in various towns) built in 1880's to around 1935. Most of the lumber is found at estate/farm auctions as the people in the country knew the value of lumber and never threw anything away when they tore down a building. So they stored the wood in another barn until they thought they would need it. The lumber is usually rough cut meaning is was cut with a large circular saw turned by a large belt and powered by a tractor. Walnut, oak, fir, ash, hedge, hackberry, and cottonwood comprise most of the material. Obviously it is well seasoned having been stored in barn lofts for years.

My usual shipping policy is this: I require 1/3 the cost of the item plus 50 cents/mile to bring the item to you. When I get there and you decide you don't want the item I keep the mileage charge and half the deposit (1/2 of the 1/3) leave the item on the truck and drive away. If you come get get the item there is no mileage costs.

These farm /estate auctions also yield some good antiques at times so I have included pictures of legitimate antiques I have on hand.</p>


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